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What exactly is ju jitsu?:

Historically speaking, ju jitsu is a Japanese Martial Art going back hundreds of years.

The arts are today primarily geared towards self-defense, but may also be sports orientated.

Ju jitsu have methods such as punches and kicks, grappling, locks, takedowns etc.

More to follow..

What is Ju Jitsu Norge?:

Ju Jitsu Norway (JJN) was founded in 1985 by Rune S. Henrichsen and Runar Omland.

JJN is a style of ju jitsu as well as an organisation featuring several schools. 

We keep a modern-day mindset, and focus on openness, self-defense and fun.

More to follow..

Need more information?:

In our resource center you may find books, clips, DVD's, articles and a host of other things.

There are links to clubs, tools, tips about teaching, training and more.

You'll find things for your dojo, common questions (FAQ), quotes, Japanese words..

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Ju jitsu for adults?:

The purpose of doing ju jitsu can be fitness, health, self-defense or competition/sports.

It is a mulitpurpose form of training - a fun way to get in shape, suitable for lots of adults!

Ju jitsu is equally suited for men and women. It is done at your own pace. You're in control!

More to follow..

Ju jitsu for children?:

More than anything else, ju jitsu is about control, enjoyment, selfrespect and discipline.  

Due to the great variety of metods, and a sound basis, it is perfectly suited for minors.

Many parents tell us about increased focus, heightened self-esteem, and less bullying.

More to follow..



Ju jitsu for self-defense?:

What is it that makes ju jitsu such a fine set of tools for self-defense?

What is the main difference between ju jitsu for sports and self-defense?

How is ju jitsu applied to situations involving conflict, threats and violence?

More to follow..

Ju jitsu at work?:

There is a lot to be said about martial arts and self-defense related to work.

The implementation, work description, metods aso. determines it's usefullness.

Ju jitsu is the basis for our professional methods to deal with conflicts and violence.

More to follow..



Ju Jitsu competitions?:

In Norway there are two competition forms: Fighting and Duo. Fighting is our kumite.

Duo is two partners doing preset techniques. These techniques are given points by referrees.

If you wish to know more, all you have to do is to go to our competition page.

More to follow.. 

About these pages:

These pages were built for Oslo Ju Jitsu Club and Ju Jitsu Norway some 15+ years ago.

Eventually the club changed its name to Kick Kampsport with a new domain.

As a result these peages were transformes to a web-portal for Norwegian ju jitsu og JJN.

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