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It has been said by someone: "There is more between heaven and earth than most other places" :-) Something that there is a lot of input on - scattered all over the place - is our very own martial arts. This is something we will try and rectify, and as a result we have gathered some of our findings here. This we intend to do continuously.

First and foremost our focus has been on ju jitsu (jujutsu, jiu-jitsu etc.). After that our goal has been to provide various things for all martial arts, budo, sports etc. As you may have noticed we alos have an international site for martial arts resources in general. Do check it out today!:


If you wish you may do a search in the following box. You may search words or phrases on these pages, or all of the Net.

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Articles related to training, teaching, martial arts, ju jitsu, self-defense, motivation and so forth.


Magazines about our arts. You'll find them here:


Books to read about training, martial arts, ju jitsu, conflict management, self-defense and so on.

Films, videos etc:

Funny sports- and martial arts clips from the Net, films to recommend, pictures etc.

Japanese phrases:

Words and phrases in Japanese.

School resources:

Lots of resources related to starting and maintaining a school, teaching, setting up and maintaining web-pages and much more. Seek it out here:


Various Norwegian dojo or schools doing ju jitsu in one form or another.


Links to other interesting places on the Web, discussion boards and forums, organisations for ju jitsu and martial arts etc.


Lots of inspirational quotes and words of wisdom.

What's up?:

Upcoming events for JJN, Kick, Norwegian Martial Arts federation and World Kobudo.

Frequently asked questions:

Read our F.A.Q! Most likely you will find some valuable information there!

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