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h.. what can possibly be better than a good book? Very little if you ask me! Personally I find it very satisfactory to be tucked into bed with a book to read. There is something reassuring and tempting about a book, it is there whatever the hour - day or night. It is there for comfort, education, enlightenment, wisdom, courage, perspective, correction, fulfillment, enjoyment, pleasure, motivation and a host of other reasons!

Be my guest - dig in! I just hope you have given someone a brief notice about your absence, and that you will be there for your next class! After all, the important parts of our lives should be spent amongst family, friends, and colleagues - at home, at work, and in the training hall :-)

If you wish you may look for our Norwegian books (also our own Ju Jitsu Norway books) through these pages: click here (in Norwegian, naturally :-)

On the following pages you will find information about:

Ju Jitsu

Self-defense in general

Self-defense for women

Conflict management

History, tradition etc.

Strategy, tactics etc.


Various subjects

More and more common today is something termed electronic books (e-books). You will find reference to a few of those along with the regular paper book. We are currently working on a series of e-books on martial arts, ju jitsu, training, teaching, motivation and other things. Shortly you will also be able to read more about the proper use of e-books for education as well as for profit. This is definitely something your club, school, style or organisation should consider!

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