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I hear You Say Women Can't Defend Themselves?
Will you be the one to break the news to all those who did?

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Now - finally - you can lean more about what thousands upon thousands of females of all ages have done to defend themselves or others from harm.
Learn how the perpetrators behave, so that you and your loved ones can stay safe.

This unique series is constantly being updated and added to.
How about
9500 cases with one defined goal?:

To  show you, statistically, that women and girls very often are capable of defending themselves against male aggressors.

That's right: Nine thousand, five hundred!


Each volume (19 in total) now have 500 stories for you. Also, volume 20 is in the works!



Volume 1: I hear you say women can't defend themselves?Perhaps you are just as fed up as I am listen to the "boys" uttering the same old mantra: "A woman can't possibly defend herself against a man; it's simply not possible - any man is too strong compared to a woman!"
Maybe you're tired too of the fact that these individuals ignore the indisputable evidence which clearly says the opposite often is the case?
... People who - by ignorance or design - throw each and every female into the same old bag, discarding all the times women have defended themselves or others successfully?


Order these totally unique e-books today, (click here)
and set the record straight once and for all!


Many men (and quite a few women) unfortunately still claim that:

Women are unable to offer an adequate level of physical resistance!

A man will always be too strong for a woman!

As a woman you have no chance in defending yourself against a man!

You'll have to train hard for many years to stand the slightest chance!

You will be severely harmed if you try to defend yourself!

You will need a man (or the police) in order to be safe!

You must be able to fight to stand a chance!

If a man really decides to get you, you have already lost!


These are old myths that obviously are hard to get rid of!

No one in his or her right mind would claim that a woman can defend herself against any man or in any situation. It would be pure madness to state such a thing!
But then again: The same holds true for men...
No man is capable of defending himself in
any situation!
The crucial point is this: How motivated are you? How strong is you will? How important is it for you to "survive"?
Any woman or any man who is "fighting for her or his life" is a powerful adversary!


What many can't seem to get is this:

Self-defense is not the same thing as a fight or a competition!

People of both sexes have used lots of strategies to defend themselves!

Physical resistance is just one of these possible strategies!

It is motivation, willpower and "fighting spirit" that is the ultimate "weapon"!

It's been proven that heavy, physical resistance is often beneficial!

Most people are capable of doing more than we believe we are!

It is always :) wrong to generalize!

It is important in self-defense to see the possibilities as well as the limitations!

Both genders are bound by these possibilities and limitations!

Most rapists will back off when they meet hard, active resistance!


With these books I hope that we all (men and women) will begin to look at the limitations and the possibilities in fighting back ...
for both genders!
And I do hope that they may serve as an inspiration to each and everyone that are concerned with security, safety and well-being...
for both genders!
It is of utmost importance to state that these stories in now way tries to give a simple answer to what a person should do or can do in any given situation. All situations are unique, not two people are the same.
Also: It is so easy to be wise after the event! The books contain or intend in no way to be any criticism towards you that chose not to defend yourself - or who could not defend yourself verbally or physically. You did what you were capable off doing, or thought was your best option there and then.


Order: "I hear You Say Women Can't Defend Themselves?", and find out:

What women ranging from age 4 to 100 have utilized in self-defense

How a lot of attacks happen

When attacks most often occur

Which common traits are often times present

What makes the perpetrator surrender

Which combinations of strategies are mostly used

What some of the victims have been thinking during the attack

What we are capable of if we are pushed far enough

And much more!


Order these unique books today here!


These books will constantly be added to and updated! You will have access to the additions without any extra charges! They have already been updated a number of times...


Who will benefit from this book?:

Anyone teaching self-defense and martial arts for women

Anyone who doubt that a woman can defend herself against a man

Any woman or girl training self-defense or martial arts

Any woman who contemplates taking up self-defense

Anyone interested in statistical material on the topic

Anyone searching for motivation and inspiration about women's possibilities

Anyone wanting to learn more about the various defence strategies in use

Anyone wanting to learn more about the various strategies of assaults


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Vol. two


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Vol. three


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Vol. four


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Vol. five


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Vol. six


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Vol. seven


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Vol. eight


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Vol. nine


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Vol. ten


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Vol. eleven


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Vol. twelve


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Vol. thirteen


271 pages

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Vol. fourteen


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Vol. fifteen


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Vol. sixteen


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Vol. seventeen


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Vol. eighteen


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Vol. ninteeen


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Do remember that the books will be expanded and added to at a regular basis. What you have here is a powerful tool for anyone concerned with safety and self-defense for women and girls.

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